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Habitat ADU Is Now Villa

As a full-service ADU builder, we’re continually evolving: creating new designs, improving our efficiency, and refining our processes. All of this is to better serve you while keeping our standards high and costs down. As part of our evolution, we’ve changed our name from Habitat ADU to Villa. Here we’ll share the reasons for the change, as well as what won’t be changing.

Why Villa?


When you think of a villa, perhaps you imagine a picturesque seaside bungalow with sheer drapes fluttering in the breeze, or a charming country cottage with blossom-laden trellises dotting the garden. Whatever your particular vision is, a villa conveys a feeling of comfort and welcome. And that’s just what we strive for with every one of our accessory dwelling units, whether it’s by offering open-plan layouts that bring friends and family together, making sure there’s plenty of natural light to brighten rooms, or hand-picking designer features that bring style without costing a fortune.


Also, most people don’t actually know what “ADU” stands for (answer: “accessory dwelling unit”), whereas no one needs to be told what a home is, or why having a safe and comfortable one is so important. 

New name, same ease and quality


Here’s what’s not changing: our team, except as we grow over time and bring in more people who share our vision; our quality standards, which will remain first-rate as our designs evolve; and our efforts in making the ADU design-build process as simple and cost-effective as possible for you.


But perhaps the most important thing that will never change is our commitment to all of our customers—past, present, and future. “Customer first” is more than just one of our core values; it informs everything we do. At Villa Homes, our customers are so much more than buyers. They’re friends, they’re family, and they’re the people who make our ADUs heart-warming places to come home to.


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