Villa 750 Berkeley ADU

A retiree took a shine to this two-bedroom home for her golden years.

Villa 750 Berkeley ADU

A retiree took a shine to this two-bedroom home for her golden years.

“The whole process has been excellent. I’ll say that over and over again. It takes experts to go in and do everything, and Villa has the experts.”

Taj J.

About this project

Base price

$249,000, including the unit, permits, appliances, and site work for a typical build Learn more


Nine months; timelines vary depending on site conditions and design selections


Sliding glass door, premium bathroom package

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Frequently asked questions

Our homes are high-quality prefabricated (prefab) construction, also known as manufactured housing, meaning they’re built in controlled factory conditions with a rigorous inspection process. Traditional onsite builds can be costly and unpredictable in terms of prices and timelines, but prefab construction allows us to ensure high quality as well as an efficient and predictable process, while keeping costs as low as possible.

In 2020 and 2021, new laws were passed making it easier for Californians to build ADUs. Major changes to zoning regulations, permit requirements, and developmental standards went into effect, superseding previously restrictive local regulations. While zoning, regulations, and fees vary by municipality, the new state laws say that ADUs can be built on properties zoned for single-family and multifamily use.

If you live on a residential lot and have the required space and access, you can build one detached ADU and one junior ADU (a unit no more than 500 square feet located within the home). If you live on a multifamily lot, two detached ADUs are allowed on the property.

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