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Ride along on a feasibility site visit

A close up of Villa's feasibility diligence.
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Why prefab construction just makes sense

A breakdown of manufactured vs stickbuilt homes.
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How SB 684 Will Unlock Small Community Development in California*

This new legislation will unlock many benefits for developers
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Introducing the Wheelchair-Friendly Comfort Series

Future-proof your home with Villa.
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How CA SB 1211 Will Help California Create More Housing

If you're a multifamily property owner or small landlord you'll want to know about this.
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A new home takes flight via crane to its final foundation in a Santa Cruz neighborhood

It's a sight to see.
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How Congress can help the private sector reduce housing costs

We talk about the steel elephant in the room.
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How Villa Helps Multifamily Property Owners Drive Yield from Unused Land

New CA laws make it easier than ever for multifamily operators to add premium rental ADUs.
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Series: Understanding the Housing Crisis | Part 3

Four Things Required for Prefab Housing To Win by 2030
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Series: Understanding the Housing Crisis | Part 2

The Path Forward is Prefab Construction in Infill Locations.
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Series: Understanding the Housing Crisis | Part 1

How We Got Here (Hint: Supply/Demand Issues).
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Half of ADU owners have generated rental income from their investment

The numbers behind the ADU impact on generating income and more.
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The Pros and Cons of Building an ADU for Rental Income

Weighing ADU pros and cons can help you decide whether an on-site unit is right for you.
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ADU vs Traditional Home Addition: Which is right for you?

ADU vs. Addition: Which Is Right for Your Home?
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Villa Comes to San Diego

$10K off for our first 10 customers in San Diego!
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Come Visit our East Bay Model Home

Visit Our New East Bay Model ADU Home in Alamo, CA
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Welcome to Villa, a place to call home

We believe that everyone deserves a place to call home and invite you to join us.
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‘ADUs Ruin Neighborhoods!’ and Other Myths

Opponents of backyard homes are loud. But are they right?
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ADU Aid Programs Across the U.S.

Need incentives to build your ADU? You need to read this
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A Priceless Escape for Parents

This backyard home gives a couple from India sunlight, space, and safety
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Come Visit Our Newest Model Home

This 3-bedroom home in sunny Santa Rosa shows how good ADU living can be
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Choosing the Best ADU Builder: 6 Important Considerations

Keep these factors in mind as you plan your building project
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Building Villa’s Future Together

Villa Homes welcomes a new CEO with big plans for growth.
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Get your Villa ADU fast in San Jose, California

Jump ahead in the permitting line
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7 California Cities With Super Fast ADU Permitting

Looking to build quickly? Look here first
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Villa’s Revolutionary Design Studio Is Here!

Watch your ADU change with your design choices in real time
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How Long Does It Take to Build an ADU?

Our ADU building timeline, from site prep to setting out the welcome mat
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Exceptional Opportunities for Multifamily Investors

Villa’s ADUs plus a favorable market point to profits ahead
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7 Reasons to Make Villa Your ADU Builder

Key benefits of choosing an all-in-one company to build your backyard home
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Want to Increase Home Value? Consider These ADU Ideas

Popular and creative ways to boost property value with an accessory dwelling unit
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Mom Has a Heartfelt Homecoming

With an ADU, you can go home again
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Yes, You Can Customize Your Prefab ADU

Tailor your ADU design to your tastes with a range of options
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Retiring in Comfort and Style

Modern good looks and manageability make this Berkeley backyard home just right for retirement
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ADUs and Property Taxes: What You Need to Know

How much more will you pay with a backyard home? Spoiler alert: not much.
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ADUs Offer Energy-Efficient Home Design

With their compact footprint and eco-conscious features, backyard homes might be greener than you think
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New California ADU Laws Explained

Learn about the new ADU regulations that make building easier for California homeowners and investors
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Visionary ADU Investing: Q&A With Preston Rutherford

Boost privacy and personal space with a backyard guest house
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Top ADU Financing Options

How to pay for your in-law unit without breaking the bank
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3 Big Myths About HUD vs. HCD Building Standards

Learn the truths about the codes ensuring quality construction for manufactured homes
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An Oakland ADU Offers Diverse Options

See how one homeowner increased income and possibilities by building a backyard guesthouse
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Portrait of a Santa Rosa ADU: The Nortons

Three generations live on one property with plenty of togetherness and privacy
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Prefab vs. Stick-Built ADUs: A Side-by-Side Comparison

A side-by-side comparison of costs, housing codes, and quality
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It’s Never Been More Affordable to Build an ADU—Here’s Why

An overview of the reduced fees you can take advantage of now
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How to Measure ADU Rental Income Potential

We explain how to weigh costs against cash flow for a new backyard home
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Backyard Homes Help Transitioning Families

Villa’s ADUs are built with accessibility in mind
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3 Benefits of an ADU in Retirement

Earn more income and create a legacy with a second home
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Advantages of Prefab ADUs

Controlled factory conditions are ideal for creating high-quality housing
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Answers to 3 Common ADU Questions

We share info on cost, size, and time frame for building an in-law unit
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ADU Deregulation 2020: What Californians Should Know

Key changes in California's laws benefit ADU builders
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