Arcadia ADU Permits and Regulations

As of January 1, 2020 the city of Arcadia updated their ADU zoning to comply with the state mandate and accommodate ADU’s. Since then, there’s been high demand from Arcadia homeowners looking to maximize their property.

Arcadia ADU Resources

City Code of Ordinances

Learn about ADU regulations in the city of Arcadia

ADU Regulations

Learn about ADU regulations in Arcadia

Rental rate trends

The average rent for a 2 bedroom apartment in Arcadia is $2,299

Building permit information

Building permit information for Arcadia

City Planner

(626) 574-5442

Financing Options

When it comes to financing your ADU, our friends at Loan Depot may be able to help, reach out to one of our home specialists for an introduction!


Max ADU Size

Lot under 9,000 sqft: 600 sqft
Lot between 9,000 and 1000 sqft: 650 sqft
Lot over 10,000 sqft: 800 sqft

Front Setback


Note: Front setbacks vary by zoning, please talk to a home specialist to confirm

Primary Residence Setback 10’

Side and Rear Setback

Additional setback requirements may apply under the Building and Fire Codes or as a result of “no-build” easements or require compliance with existing easement restrictions.

Events & News

We are here to help you understand everything we’ve learned from ADU building

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Building an ADU in California

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