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What to expect from start to finish

Your vision, our expertise

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Your vision, our expertise

~1 month

Villa Feasibility Study
& Custom Proposal

Then for a $500 fee, our team will create a Villa Feasibility Study drawing on our expertise from permitting and building hundreds of homes throughout California.

We’ll go deep into your specific lot, walk you through all your design choices, and share a more refined project quote so you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about your build.


What’s included for $500?



~1 month

~ 4 months

Villa Phase 1:
Permitting & Pre-construction

While you’re dreaming of where to hang the“Home Sweet Home” sign, our pre-construction team will handle creating your plan set and obtaining permits. During phase 1, we will also secure subcontractors and present you with a final quote so we can begin building! 


~ 4 months

~ 1 month

Authorization to Build

During this phase we will present the pre-construction buyout results and a not-to-exceed quote. Once you provide your authorization we’ll get to work on bringing your dream home to life!

~ 1 month

~ 1 month

Villa Phase 2:
Manufacturing & Site Prep

Once permits are approved, we order your home from our trusted manufacturer and begin working with local contractors preparing your property. Site prep for the home includes clearing the area and building the foundation.

~ 1 month

~ 4 months

Delivery and Installation!

Your home will be delivered to your property by truck. The full installation, exterior and interior finishing, utility hookups, and final inspection can take a few months. Then you’re ready to move in, decorate and enjoy your Villa home! 🍾


~ 4 months

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