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~1 month

Villa Feasibility Study & Contract

A $500 Feasibility Study includes an in-depth review of your property, local building regulations, and a fine-tuned estimated budget range. This easy first step give you all the details you need to make an informed decision and the report is yours to keep!

When you’re ready to move forward, we’ll present you with a Project Services Agreement.


~1 month

~ 4 months

Permits & Preconstruction

While you’re envisioning what you’ll do with your new space, our preconstruction team gets to work on your permits. We’ll handle every detail while keeping you in the loop.


~ 4 months

~ 1 month

Authorization to Build

With permits secured, we’re almost ready to start building. We will present you with a final contract, which includes a total project cost. This aims to prevents any big surprise costs down the road!


~ 1 month

~ 1 month

Manufacturing & Site Prep

We’re off to the races. We order your custom home from our trusted manufacturer. Meanwhile, we work with local contractors to get started on your site prep, such as clearing the building site and creating the foundation.


~ 1 month

~ 4 months

Delivery and Installation!

Your home is delivered by truck, and sometimes by crane! Then we take care of installation, finishes, inspections, and all the final details. This phase can take a few months. After that, the space is all yours to enjoy!

~ 4 months
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