Our ReadyBuilt ADUs are pre-designed, built and ready to be installed in your backyard—all within a 10 month timeline!

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Fastest Timeline

Get your ADU in half the time it would typically take for a built to order ADU. Plus, benefit from locked in delivery and installation times.

Price Lock Assurance

With our price lock assurance you’ll know your fixed home cost upfront and we’ll help you understand the site work cost unique to your lot.

ROI Through the Roof

Looking to invest? ADUs produce a 15%+ cash on cash return* in most California cities even with current interest rates.

*Prior results not an indication of future performance.

Best-Selling Designs

Readybuilts are designed off our best-selling homes with all our standard appliances, fixtures and finishes baked in.

How much faster is it?

We’ve dropped months off the timeline!

Why Choose ReadyBuilt?

We’ve used our experience across hundreds of projects to pre-build our most popular models combined with permit-ready design choices so that we can have a move-in ready ADU installed for you within 10 months!



This process allows you to benefit from faster and more reliable manufacturing, delivery, and installation times. Because these homes are already in stock this provides for stable budgets, meaning you’ll know your projects final cost sooner.

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